Artist residency program

During a given time frame around 6 weeks, the artist has the freedom to transform the gallery into a studio environment that belongs to him. This allows the people seated in the restaurant as well as the people outside the building crossing the streets to get a glimpse of the working environment of the Artist. This also invites them to go inside the temporary studio and mingle with the artist, ask questions, and appreciate the work while its being created. This exposes the artist to have a new experience and markets his work with a new crowd. Almakan in collaboration with the artist will create a gallery to showcase the work produced by the artist.

Swift Tank Program

The Swift Tank is shorter version of the Residency Artist Program. The Swift Tank is fabricated as an express way to market the talent of the artist. The duration is 10-14 days. One of the mechanisms we highly advise the artist is to explore unconventional ways to exaggerate their talents, this is to heighten the curiosity of the viewer. This experience should be as if the visitor is in sync with what the artist is thinking and feeling. 

To apply for either the Residency or Swift Program, kindly fill the forum below:

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